A Lukey Cassette Boiler is your guarantee of efficiency, reliability and safety, for life!


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The Lukey Cassette Boiler’s unique design comprises a compact high efficiency cassette boiler unit, a separate wall interface unit and an easily removable decorative front cover. Its modular based design allows for quick and simple connection and disconnection of the boiler from the wall interface unit. This ease of separation means that rather than repair, the cassette boiler unit is completely swapped out for a replacement during the engineers visit. No other boiler looks like it, or works like it.


From its compact size and super efficiency, to its reliability and lifetime guarantee, no other boiler gives the home-owner, tenant or landlord a more economic or efficient home heating solution. Because the cassette boiler unit is replaced rather than repaired, you can be assured that every component operates as new and at optimum efficiency reducing costs, energy consumption and impact on the environment.


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Our unique pricing model eliminates expensive purchase costs of a new boiler and all ongoing service and repair bills. Instead, these are replaced by a one-off installation fee followed by affordable fixed monthly payments that cover all aspects of the boiler’s maintenance, repair and renewal for life. In addition, your contract includes a guaranteed same day replacement service* so you will never be without heat and hot water. Complete assurance and peace of mind.

*Same day replacement is subject to UK location and a breakdown request being received by Lukey Boilers before 10am

Lukey Cassette Boiler Benefits

Benefits unique to the Lukey Cassette Boiler system

  • No new boiler purchase costs – Instantly save £1000s
  • Replace with simple and affordable monthly payments
  • No more repair bills – All maintenance and servicing included
  • Guaranteed same day replacement service – never be without heat and hot water
  • Confident in the knowledge you will always have the very latest ultra efficient technology – Saving both money and the planet
  • Super compact design built from the highest quality components
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Winners at the AGSM National Gss Safety Awards 2018

Lukey Cassette Boilers Ltd. were finalists in four categories at the AGSM National Safety Awards 2018 and winners of the ‘Electrical Safety Collaboration‘ Award. Celebrating its 6th anniversary of the award ceremony, it is now recognised by the industry as one of the most respected events in the sector.

AGSM Trophies

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Total Reliability and Convenience
The Lukey Boiler is designed from the floor up to include the very best, tried and tested components and it’s the quality of these components that help deliver class leading efficiency and outstanding reliability.

With a boiler repair taking less than 15 minutes on site, customers benefit from having virtually no downtime.

The problem with conventional boiler repairs
Traditionally, the process of getting your boiler fixed is a frustrating one. You need to make an appointment with an engineer, because of workloads engineers are often late and when they do arrive and diagnose the problem they invariably have to order parts and come back a second time to fit them. Time-consuming, inconvenient and expensive often leaving the customer without heating or hot water.

The Lukey Cassette Boiler changes everything
In the event of a problem with a Lukey Boiler, an engineer simply swaps the cassette boiler unit for a new one in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. There’s no mess because the heating system doesn’t need to be drained and because all the parts in the new unit have been checked, renewed or replaced, the boiler works as well as a brand new one so there’s less chance of a problem in the future. Additionally, because repairs are so quick and efficient, visits can be accurately timed so the engineer arrives at his next appointment on time and when he’s expected.

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Ultra High Efficiency Operation
The Lukey Boiler is one of the most efficient boilers on the market. The unit is assembled using the highest performance components and includes the Giannoni burner which is 97.5% efficient. Additionally, when fitted with the optional passive heat recovery system, which uses the heat of the exhaust gasses to warm incoming combustion air, the overall efficiency approaches 99%. That’s significantly higher than the SEDBUK A Rating that all boilers need to comply with and represents a dramatic reduction in the energy consumption when compared to a conventional condensing boilers.

The heart of a sustainable energy system
The Lukey Boiler has Solar and Heat Pump connections already built in, enabling sustainable energy sources to be efficiently integrated into a home’s heating and hot water system.

Easy integration
The Lukey Boiler also benefits from the flexibility of being able to operate as a Combi or a System boiler whichever solution best suits the tenants and their property.

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Lowest Environmental Impact
The Lukey Boiler has the lowest carbon footprint of any gas boiler on the market and represents a new standard for products’ through-life sustainability. We have reduced the costs, energy consumption and impact on the environment of our boilers over their whole life, from their manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance and recycling, making the Lukey Boiler the most environmentally efficient boiler you can find.

Because the Cassette Boiler Unit is replaced rather than repaired and then refurbished in our factory, all components operate at optimum efficiency and their operational life is maximised. This continual process of renewal has huge environmental benefits by reducing the amount of raw materials, energy and resources that are required to manufacture and distribute conventional boilers that are scrapped after 10 years. We estimate that the carbon saving from using the Lukey Boiler is in the region of 70% when compared to a conventional boiler.

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The unique pricing model eliminates the usual big purchase costs and expensive repair bills
With a Lukey Boiler there are no up-front purchase costs, just a one-off installation cost followed by fixed monthly payments that cover all aspects of the boiler’s maintenance, repair and renewal, for life. Say goodbye to the expense of replacing an end-of-life appliance and subscribe to our unique monthly payment plan. The affordable payments cover the immediate exchange for a new one if a Lukey Boiler should ever develop a fault and there are no on-site maintenance, repair or replacement costs, ever!

Perfect for Housing Associations and Landlords
For Landlords and Housing Associations our unique pricing model, with no purchase and low monthly payments, improves your cashflow and budgeting whilst class-leading efficiency minimizes operating costs. With fast response times and 100% first-time issue resolution, Housing Associations don’t need to provide costly emergency heating for their tenants because Lukey Boiler repairs are so quick and never need a second visit.

More information and details of where you can purchase a Lukey Boiler will be available very soon!
In the meantime, if you would like to talk to one of our representatives please call 0330 6780688


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