Unlike conventional boilers, purchasing a Lukey boiler system consists of two separate transactions:-

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The first stage is a one off payment for the purchase and installation of the wall interface unit. This is owned outright by you and comes with a lifetime guarantee from Lukey Cassette Boilers. To find an accredited installer local to you, please click here.

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The second stage is to enter into a boiler hire agreement by filling out the form on this page. Once the wall interface unit is installed, a Lukey engineer will call to fit the cassette boiler unit. Click here for hire agreement details.

Why use a Lukey accredited installer?

Lukey Cassette Boilers manage a network of fully trained, independent installers. The installers will decommission and remove your old boiler and fit the wall interface unit only. Where as the job is straight forward, using a Lukey accredited installer is your assurance of quality workmanship and advanced product knowledge. To find an accredited installer local to you, please see form below.

Lukey Cassette Boiler Engineer

Stage 1 – Purchase of wall interface unit

From £990 inc VAT

The purchase of the wall unit is a one off payment and comes with a lifetime guarantee from Lukey Cassette Boilers. Payment is made directly to the installer on satisfactory completion of the job.
To find an installer local to you, complete the form or call:-

0330 6780688

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Book an appointment with an accredited installer

    * Breakdown of purchase price – £510 inc. VAT for wall interface unit. £480 inc. VAT for fitting on the basis of a direct boiler for boiler replacement. Re-siting of boiler may incur additional costs.

    Stage 2 – Lukey Boiler hire agreement

    From £35 a month inc VAT

    The Lukey Gold Rental Service contract cost £35 a month plus a £200 refundable deposit*. The contract includes all breakdowns, service, call outs, parts, labour and exchange of the Cassette Boiler. In addition, a Platinum contract is available that also includes maintenance of your complete heating system. Call for details:-

    0330 6780688

    Lukey Boiler Cassette

    Gold Rental Service contract registration

      * The Lukey Boiler Gold Rental Service agreement is subject to 12 months advanced payment of £35 totalling £420 inc. VAT. Additionally, a £200 deposit is charged which is refundable on return of the cassette boiler unit and termination of the contract .

      Houses for rent

      The Lukey Cassette Boiler is designed, built and priced to precisely meet the requirements of landlords and housing associations

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      For landlords and housing associations the unique pricing model, with no purchase and low monthly payments, improves cashflow and budgeting whilst class-leading efficiency minimizes operating costs. And, with our fast response time and 100% first-time issue resolution housing associations don’t need to provide costly emergency heating for tenants because Lukey Boiler repairs are so quick and never need a second visit.

      Call 0330 6780688 for information

      For payment plans for new build, housing associations and commercial property please call and ask to speak to one of our advisers.