A whole new concept in gas boiler design and ownership

The Lukey Cassette Boiler system is a completely new concept and is set to change the way in which boilers are owned and maintained. As with so much technology, because of the pace of change, the ownership cycle means what ever you purchase today is pretty much out of date tomorrow.

Many industry sectors now recognise this and have moved to a new business model where consumers have access to updates, upgrades and all the latest technology without the huge initial purchase costs. Cars, software, mobile phones and even our entertainment is now lease purchased on a rolling monthly contract making the latest technology more accessible and affordable.

With Lukey Cassette Boilers, this concept is now available to home owners, landlords and housing associations helping to make boiler ownership more cost effective and easier to manage. The hot swappable system means with a Lukey Cassette Boiler you will always have the most recent, efficient and reliable boiler technology and all for a simple and affordable monthly payment.

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How is the Lukey Boiler different?

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The key is in the Lukey Cassette Boiler’s unique design. Traditionally, a boiler is a single unit that is bolted to the wall, plumbed in and remains in place for the full term of its life. When it breaks down the faulty components are either repaired or replaced.

Rather than a single appliance, the Lukey Cassette Boiler consists of two key components, a wall interface unit that is plumbed in the property’s hot water and central heating and the cassette boiler unit. Once the wall interface unit is fitted, the boiler simply plugs in and six couplings are connected.

Although the installation still requires a gas qualified engineer, it takes just a few minutes and this is where the ground breaking advantages lay. Because the boiler is detachable and so quick to replace, in the event of a breakdown, rather than repair the boiler in situ, the engineer simply replaces the whole cassette boiler unit with a new one. The faulty boiler is then returned to our central manufacture and development facility where it is repaired, overhauled, upgraded with any new technology, tested and made ready for the next customer.


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The Lukey Cassette Boiler is one of the most efficient boilers on the market. The 28HE is SEDBUK A Rated and the 28HE Plus with it’s patented integral passive heat recovery system delivers even higher efficiency gains. It’s smart too, modulating its output from 28kW down 2.5kW, delivering high efficiency whatever the demand.

Manuals and brochures

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Lukey Cassette Boiler product brochures and user manuals will be available for download soon. If you want to register in advance for any of these please contact us using the enquiry form and we will email you as soon as they become available.

Become a Lukey Boiler accredited installer

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Lukey Cassette Boilers manage a network of fully trained, independent installers. If you are interested in joining our network please fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch with details of the process.

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